Getting to Marrakech

Car hire: this remains the most flexible way of exploring Marrakech and its surroundings and for organising excursions. We work with a few reliable car rental firms offering reasonable prices (35 to 45 euros per day, according to season). Contact us if you wish to have your rented car or four-wheel drive available at the airport on your arrival.

"Big taxis": if you do not wish to hire a car, then for a modest sum (6/10 euros) you can use a "big taxi" which will take you, on request, to and from Marrakech. You can reserve this for the day to visit the surrounding area. We have selected for you a few "big taxi" partners who know Dar Zarraba well.

"Little taxis": these are authorised to circulate only in the centre of Marrakech. They are numerous and inexpensive and will enable you to get around easily within the town. We know a few who will willingly show you the town, including it’s more authentic neighbourhoods which are less frequently visited by tourists.


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