Our guests got talent!

  • Copie de jardins Mohamed (Copier)
  • Copie de vallée du zat (Copier)
  • jonquille (Copier)
  • jour de lessive (Copier)
  • Majorelle (Copier)
  • Scan0004
  • Scan0005
  • Scan0006
  • Scan0007
  • Scan0008
  • Scan0009
  • Scan0010
  • Scan0011
  • tajines (Copier)
  • Zarraba 1 (Copier)
  • Zarraba 2 (Copier)
  • zarraba2 (Copier)

Our guests got talent… We particularly like the travel diaries our guests leave us as sou-venirs as they pass through Zarraba. Some describe and share exhibits, paintings, sculp-tures… Not to mention the children who have left some stunning designs in the guestbook of Zarraba!

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