We try to make our guests discover the Morocco we love, often very far from the usual tourist routes.

Discover Marrakesh

The history books tell us of a simple caravan camp in the 10th century. A millennium later, the old camp gave its name to the entire country and attracts its share of visitors uninterrupted. The first Sultan erected ramparts, following it with great mosques, palaces, fountains, and gardens. Before becoming the tourist place it is today, Marrakesh was an Eldorado counter between Timbuktu and Essaouira, an area whose wealth was the stuff of dreams, and the object of all covetousness.
Marrakesh. A few hours of walking for a millennium of history!

Mountain getaways

Morocco is a paradise for mountain walking and trekking.

We take no commission on the tours that we offer. Fervent supporters of fair trade, we try to employ guides who we totally trust. The meals are often made by the family of the guide.

Among the proposed getaways:
-– The Imlil Valley and the discovery of the Berber villages by mule.
-– The Zat Valley, still largely unknown to most people, amazingly authentic, with its thermal springs and the village of potters of Talatast.
-– The village of Tamesloht with its multi-centenaryZaouia, its amazing potters, and the Kasbah of Oumnes.
-– The rock carvings of Oukaïmaiden and wonderful rock carvings of Yaggour.


Just near Zarraba, our friend Said is a genuine camel rider who, at the foot of the Atlas,
welcomes you for rides for one hour or more. It’s a family tradition as his father used to raise camels too. You can wrap up your walk with an authentic tagine cooked under his Berber tent.


Our partner is WAX MOROCCO. A team made of certified, professional and competent people with over 20 years of experience in quad rental including 6 years in Morocco.
You can enjoy a friendly trek, with other quad-enthusiasts, but also discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings of Marrakesh,Morocco, alternating with the chains of the Atlas and its valleys, wadis, palm groves, villages, and men.