Around Zarraba

Surrounding Zarraba are areas rich in history with many sites to discover.
You can discover the authentic, traditional souks like Ait Sidi Ghiat and Ait Ourir.

Nearby is Rhmat, the former capital with the mausoleum of the Prince of Andalusia, as well as the potters of Tamsloht and its Zaouia, the beautiful Kasbah of Oumnes, etc.
Also, you can enjoy the nearby beautiful olive groves on the edge of the Atlas and the lakes of Ouirgane and Takerkoust.


Essaouira is one of the must-see places when visiting Marrakesh.

Though a touristic place, it has kept its authenticity!
The traditional shipyard,« dhows », itself is worth visiting. It’s known for its famous Squala where many films were shot, its quiet fish market, and the wild beach of Sidi Kaouiki. So many reasons to visit!

Ait benhadou

During this beautiful excursion you can successively discover the remains of the beautiful Kasbah of Teloue, the stunning architecture of Kasbahs along the ancient route of the gold caravans of the South, and finally discover the jewel of Ait Ben Adou recognized by Unesco World Heritage.
This magnificent tour will open the doors of the Great South…


Ouzoud is the ideal excursion to discover the charms of the Middle Atlas.
The site is beautiful with its vast vegetation and diverse wildlife (a monkey nest that will delight children).
A tour with our local guide will help you discover the waterfalls from beautiful and unex-pected angles.


Acase of love at first sight!
During this tour, you will discover Safi and its famous potters, and the beautiful lagoon of Oualidia, with its untouched charm.
You can enjoy fresh fish, on the beach, that was just brought by fishermen.